Sparc BC
SPARC BC has been advocating for the rights of people with mobility limitations since 1969, and has been issuing parking permits for people with disabilities since 1984. Over 100,000 people rely on us. The Parking Permit Program is one way SPARC BC works to create a just and healthy society for all. Designated parking allows people with disabilities to have access to buildings and services in the community. People who qualify for parking permits either need the extra width of the designated spaces to get in and out of their vehicles when using a wheelchair, crutches, a cane or other mobility aid, or need to park close to a building entrance because their health prevents them from walking very far. There are two (2) types of parking permits for people with disabilities: 1. Permanent Parking Permit: Valid for a period of three (3) years, and renewable. 2. Temporary Parking Permit: Valid for a period of one (1) month to twelve (12) months, and not renewable. Clients requiring an extension of their temporary parking permit must reapply.
4445 Norfolk St
Burnaby, BC V5G0A7
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Fee for Service
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